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Pacific Beach

Pacific Beach offers an exciting restaurant/night life; Garnet Avenue and Mission Blvd shopping districts with hundreds of shops and opportunities; golden sands with resorts and hotels along the coastline; beachfront dining with spectacular views; surfing competitions; beach beauties; dolphins in the waves . . . offering an endless summer for the resident or tourist. 70 degrees and sunny almost all year long. 

Pacific Beach consists of a balance mix of working families, local residents of many years, students from University of San Diego, San Diego State and UCSD and vacationing tourists.  The main portion of Pacific Beach centers around Garnet Ave, Grand Ave and Pacific Beach Drive where a mix of single family, condos and new construction are sprinkled amongst places such as the Catamaran Hotel, Tower 23 hotel/restaurant, World Famous and great shopping/dining. Crown Point is more densely concentrated with residential/single family homes close to Mission Bay and North Pacific Beach sits up north of the commercial district with great views of Mission Beach, Mission Bay and Downtown San Diego. 

Much care has been given to the development of Pacific Beach, exemplified by the citizen sponsored 30 foot height limitation passed in the 1970’s. Preservation of their unique community values had become a priority for the residents of Pacific Beach. The spirit of those times is alive today as the local folk walk or bicycle around the beach with a casual carefree attitude that is positively infectious. Pacific Beach Real Estate is as varied as the local residents. From tiny cottages near the beach, to condos and apartments on the ‘flats’, larger bungalows on Crown Point, to hillside homes with commanding views of the Pacific Ocean, there exist Pacific Beach real estate investment opportunities to compliment any lifestyle.